Open Data/ Open Access Policy

At ALHASAN SYSTEMS we realize that the bottleneck in all applied research initiatives and evidence-based decision making, is the data. Open data access for research can offer insights into deep social, political, and economic trends and divides. Moreover, availability of good quality data is critical for analyzing a problem under study and proposing a solution that is sustainable. Information crowdsourcing and open data access initiatives offer a huge wealth of data that is of high significance especially to the developing world. However, if such initiatives are not properly understood and utilized; can be highly endangering to the security and independent decision making of nation too.

Businesses throughout the world are reluctant to make their data open. However, it is an integral part of ALHASAN SYSTEMS business model to make its data open for wider public use. This pioneering initiative is to ensure quality data availability for not only applied research in Pakistan but most importantly for create better appreciation and appropriate integration of OPEN initiatives in country’s socio-economic development.

All individuals, public/ private sector organizations, and humanitarian agencies can benefit from this initiative under a DATA EXCHANGE LICENSE AGREEMENT for strengthening OPEN DATA/ OPEN ACCESS initiative in Pakistan.

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